become a subscriber!

Become a subscriber: invest in our farm + eat veggies!

By committing to paying for your veggie goodness up-front (or breaking it up if you need to!) you are the backbone of our farm. You give us the gift of financial security and help us plan how much of everything we need to grow. It’s kinda like a CSA except we don’t ask you to share the risk. Rain, hail, or shine, you WILL get the veggies you paid for.

Farming is like trying to run a factory without a roof - it’s a wild game. But with your support you help even out the rollercoaster a little bit.

And to thank you for that support, we love you the absolute most. We work our little butts off to grow you the most delicious veg with the best variety we can muster.

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What size should I get?

The size of our boxes are based on feeding you for most nights of the week, plus a lunch here or there. So if you eat at home almost every night and eat veggies in every meal, you probably should grab the size up. 

While I endeavour for each box to be a similar size, it's inevitable that things fluctuate a little, but the dollar value is always there.

Small shares are designed for one adult or two people who want to also order a few additional items weekly, with roughly 6 items in each box equating to $30.

Medium shares are designed for a couple who eats a moderate amount of veg or a small family that supplements with additional items, with roughly 10 items in each box equating to $45.

Large shares are for big families or a few adults who are champion veggie-eaters! This box will contain roughly 10-12 items but with greater quantity - like 2 bags of peas or 2 heads of broccoli instead of one, or a whole cabbage instead of half. This box equates to $60


What can I expect each week?

We aim to craft each box with a good mix of roots, leafy greens, fruiting crops, and herbs with as many favourites as possible whilst also expanding your palate here and there. Expect a glorious varied mix of veg including:

- Scrumptious cool-season brassicas including broccoli, cauliflower, and beautiful fractal romanesco.

- A variety of cabbages from large green ones to pointy ones to red ones to wombok.

- Crunchy roots with their greens often intact like carrots, beetroot, parsnips, turnips & radishes.

- Bags of cut greens like rocket, salad mix, English spinach, pea shoots, tatsoi and purple mizuna.

- Some palate-expanders including flavoursome fennel, bitter radicchio, and squat little alien kohlrabi.

- Luscious bunches of kale, chard, bok choy, parsley spring onions & leeks.

- Bags of sweet and crunchy snow peas and sugar snap peas.

- Guest starring produce from our local friends and farmers like rhubarb, potatoes, and pumpkins!

What if I hate/can't eat X veggie?

Before you purchase, please message us about it! We can happily accommodate the occasional dietary requirement but if your preferences are too restrictive, this whole subscription thing may not be for you. And that's okay! You're certainly welcome to order exactly what you'd like on a weekly basis.

Modifying your box every week just represents too much extra work and removes the benefit of subscriptions for us. We encourage you to explore your weekly veggie box with curiosity and excitement to try new things!

Plus if you collect your box from the farm we often have extra bits and pieces that you can swap an item for.

What if I'm going to be away some weeks?

That's okay! We have 3 options:

1. You can either arrange for a loved one to receive and enjoy your box,

2. I can arrange for it to be given away to someone in need, or

3. If you let me know before the Wednesday harvest, I am also very happy to not pick any veggies for you and add a credit to your account.

I live or work in the Maitland area.

Great - you can collect your box weekly from our veggie party at Largs Public School, free of charge. Woohoo. Pickup is between 3pm-6pm on Thursdays.

I live in Newcastle.

Fab - our wonderful delivery driver Charlotte can bring your box to your door on Friday evening.

We will be delivering to the following postcodes: 2300, 2296, 2304 (excluding Kooragang Island), 2303, 2302, 2297, 2298, 2299, 2292, 2291, 2293, 2294, 2305, 2308, 2289

If you live in a different postcode, or just outside one of the above, get in touch.

Sounds awesome but I can't afford such a big upfront payment!

That's cool, capitalism sucks and money is hard! Luckily you can pay using Paypal and they have a great 'Pay in 4' feature which is similar to Afterpay. It means you get to pay in 4 fortnightly payments and we still get the full payment upfront! Snazzy as heck.

To use this feature you just need to add to the product to your cart as normal, then when you checkout select Paypal as your method to pay and navigate to that 'Pay in 4' option.

If you'd like to break it up into more payments, please get in touch. I'm very happy to set up a weekly payment for you ❤️